MARC ARMSTRONG is a Staunton activist and the founder of Commonomics. He approached me with the idea to create a board game based around educating the public about the "American Commons" - the pieces of our country in the form of land, knowledge and culture, he believes should belong to the public but have been privatized.
The project began with the premise that this game should be the "anti-thesis of Monopoly" while maintaining an aesthetic "as American as apple pie."
We began with a logo.
WE DEVELOPED the graphic elements and the actual gameplay concurrently. He would take each new draft to his peers to play and we would make the appropriate changes and do it again.
Eventually the game took on a concrete form. It required a board, two decks of cards, and 16 each of three types of disc. Then we had to gather this creation into an understandable (and attractive) sheet of rules and design a box to hold all these elements.
THE DISCS are separated into 4 colors and 3 themes, each with its own hand-drawn icon. 
All elements were printed through thegamecrafter.com.

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